Coffeeshop Aarden clearsthe air about cannabis

Here, you know exactly what you’re smoking. Coffeeshop Aarden is completely transparent about its cannabis products. Everything has been thoroughly tested in the lab. Both in Goes and in Vlissingen, you’ll find our baggies have been provided with a unique QR-code. Linked websites will provide you with the test results of the contents of your choice. The THC-concentration for example. All tests are performed by Cannabytics.

A good host informs his guests

You will find everything you need to know in the testing report. The dosage of psychoactive chemicals are indicated of course. But you’ll also know if any dangerous chemicals were found, such as pesticides. Recently, an RIVM study indicated that such chemicals may occur in cannabis. Small amounts don’t pose a threat to the user. Nonetheless, Coffeeshop Aarden thinks every customer should know what he or she is smoking.

We are self-evidently supporters of the legalization of coffeeshops. This would create a ground for standardized quality checks and testing methods. As such regulations do not yet exist, we rely on the expertise of the professionals of Cannabytics.

Any question? Don’t hesitate to pass by Coffeeshop Aarden in Goes or Vlissingen. Or give us a call.


We strive to being great hosts

All employees of Coffeeshop Aarden in Goes and Vlissingen have passed the training ‘Good Hostship’ at the Trimbos institute. We are knowledgeable about the latest products. We also know all recent laws about the sales and possession of cannabis. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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